Apptions Ltd. Standard Competition Terms

1. Qualifying Persons

       1.1 Apptions Ltd. (‘Promoter’, ‘our(s)’, ‘us’, ‘The Draw’ operate competitions – skill based games resulting in the allocation of prizes in accordance with these terms and conditions on the website www.playthedraw.com (the ‘Website’) – (the ‘Competition(s)’).

       1.2 The Competitions are open to all persons of the age of 16 and over and the age of majority in their country of residence except the Promoter’s employees or members of their immediate family, agents or any other person who is connected with the creation or administration of our Competitions.

2. Legal Undertaking

2.1 By entering a Competition the entrant ('Entrant', 'you', 'your(s)') will be deemed to   have legal capacity to do so, you will have read and understood these terms and conditions and you will be bound by them and by any other requirements set out in any related promotional material.

2.2 Competitions are governed by English Law and any matters relating to the Competition will be resolved under English Law and the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

2.3 In the event that you participate in a Competition online via the Website, and by accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you are not breaching any laws in your country of residence regarding the legality of entering our Competitions. The Promoter will not be held responsible for any Entrant entering any of our Competitions unlawfully. If in any doubt you should immediately leave the Website and check with the relevant authorities in your country.

3. Competition Entry

      3.1 Competitions may be entered online via the Website. There are two categories of:

Competitions: Consumables Competitions and Cash Prize Competitions. One or more    Competitions may be operated at the same time and each Competition will have specific prize options.

3.2 Availability and pricing of Competitions and tickets is at the discretion of the Promoter and will be specified at      the point of sale on the Website. Consumables Competition tickets may reduce in price when multiple tickets are purchased. Any discount will be shown clearly when available and applied to eligible ticket purchases

3.3 Your The Draw account

In order to enter a Competition, you will need to register an account with us via the Website. You register an account with The Draw (‘Draw Account’) you will be asked to provide us with an email address or sign in via a social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter or Gmail (‘Social Media Account’)

Please note that your email address or Social Media Account or dummy email will also be the username that you use to log in to your account. Each account can only have one username attributed to it at any given time ("Draw Account"). Therefore, you cannot attribute multiple email addresses, dummy email addresses or Social Media Accounts to your Draw Account. For example:

  1. You cannot have an email address and a Social Media Account attributed to your Draw Account.
  2. You cannot have two or more email addresses attributed to your Draw Account.
  3. You cannot have an email address and a dummy email address attributed to your Draw Account.

You can however, change your username for your Draw Account by logging into your Draw Account. For example, you can create your Draw Account using one email address and at a later date change your username for your Draw Account to another email address. However, if you create multiple accounts using different email addresses, Social Media Accounts and/or dummy email addresses, each username will be treated as a separate Draw Account.

4. Entering a draw

  1. Select the draw that you wish to enter, via our Website.
  2. Once you have selected the number of tickets you require for the draw and confirmed, you will be asked to complete a ‘spot the object’ question.
  3. You will be timed in doing this, as indicated by the timer shown on the screen.
  4. The Draw reserved the right to refuse or disqualify any incomplete Entries if it has reasonable grounds for believing that an Entrant has contravened any of these terms and conditions.
  5. To the extent permitted by law all Entries become our property and will not be returned.

5. Promotion Periods

5.1 Each competition runs until all of the tickets for that particular competition have sold out, or until The Draw deems that the competition is not going to reach such a position.

6. Selection of Competition Winner

6.1 Once all of the tickets for a particular Competition have sold, a winner will be selected at random using a random selection algorithm. This selects one ticket out of all Entries in the Competition and the user account linked to that Entry will be the winner of that Competition.

6.2 The winner of the Competition will be informed via the email address linked to the winning account as well as on their respective account page.

6.3 If The Draw are unable to gain contact with the Competition winner within (14) days of the date when the winner is chosen, the Competition prize will be forfeit and placed into another competition on the Website.

6.4 The Competition winner may be required to provide a copy of their Passport to The Draw to confirm their identity. Should the winner be unable to provide this, The Draw hold the right to disqualify the winner and choose an alternative from the Entries into the Competition.

6.5 All Winners will also be required to provide photographs and/or pose for photographs and videos, which may be used in future marketing and public relations by The Draw in connection with the Competition and in identifying them as a winner of a Competition.

7. Competition Prizes

7.1 Each Competition held on the Website, will have one prize and one prize only associated with the winning Entry.

7.2 If you purchase multiple Entries for different competitions on the Website, the winner is only eligible for the prize associated with the winning Entry.

7.3 Once the winner has been contacted and any relevant information has been passed onto and accepted by The Draw, the prize will be sent to the address associated with the winning account.

7.4 The Draw is not responsible for any items lost or damaged by our chosen delivery service provider.